Where Is Zaela?!

The last time Zaela Walker was seen, was on August 21st, 2020 after the father, Ricky Beasley, claim to have thrown a cot against the wall. He said he was frustrated because the 3 year old had urinated on herself. The next day, he used his computer to search for information on stopping seizures in children. Those closest to Zaela have questioned the child’s whereabouts but have received no answers.

Both parents Beasley (27) and Lakeia Walker (27) fled Las Vegas to start a new life in another state.They even attempted to cross the border. After being arrested in December, the parents have given no coherent answers as to the child’s location. Detectives believe that Zaela suffered a traumatic injury that resulted in death. Her body has not yet been found. The investigation is ongoing.

Arraignment is scheduled for March 20, 2021.

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