Derrick Todd Lee

The Baton Rouge Serial Killer

Derrick was a congenial and handsome man. People also said that he enjoyed helping people, praying and spoke of Jesus often. This African American serial killer was also a rapist, stalker and murderer. At 8:30pm on May 27, 2003, after checking out of the Lakewood Motor Lodge on Reynolds Drive in Atlanta, Ga., police found and arrested Derrick Todd Lee at a tire shop on Donald Lee Howell Parkway and Woods Drives, for the heinous crimes he had been alleged of committing.

His girlfriend called him earlier that day to confront him about his picture being all over the news and that he had been linked to killing over 7 women. There was a national man hunt for this man’s capture. One of his victims was visiting her mother’s grave. Her car was found at the cemetery but her body was found in an open field.  In another incident, he beat Michelle Chapman and her boyfriend with a machete. His known victims include Charlotte Murray Pace, Randi Mebruer, Michelle Chapman, Gina Greene, Geralyn Desoto, Diane Alexander, Pamela Kennandre, Teneesha Columbe and Carrie Lynn Yoder.

Authorities received a DNA profile from one of the victims he raped which linked him to the other victims. On October 14, 2004, after 8 days of presenting evidence to the court, the jury took 80 minutes to find Lee guilty of rape and murder for the beating and stabbing of his second victim,  LSU graduate Charlotte Murray Pace and was sentenced to death by lethal injection!

Lee died at a hospital in Louisiana on January 21, 2016 from heart disease.

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